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A content writer by the day and an avid reader by night is how I normally define myself in my short bio, but wait, there’s more to me.

Since this is a blogging platform marking my debut as a blogger mom, I will therefore, re-introduce myself as a “Work-in-progress” mom, who has had three years of work experience so far. I have been into a 24*7 job profile whereby I juggle and switch roles from that of a nurse, baby sitter, maid, cook, play-mate, chauffeur and mind you, to sometimes hard core negotiator, blackmailer to even a psychoanalyst to a three year old high wattage live wire, as per the need of the hour.

This three year old atomic bomb, who is the apple of my eye, the butter to my bread, and the heart in my body is what is driving me to pen down my thoughts as a blogger and as a mom too.

I have lived in a variety of set ups right since childhood, like from living in a hostel with complete strangers, to living alone, independently, with weird roomies. However, I feel nothing came as close and crazy as that to living with a newborn. It was nostalgia of sorts.

It was a déjà vu with the arrival of that 3.3 kg of my miniature self. He was a stranger at the beginning, with whom I had to be friends, instantly. Plus, I also had the pressure to be good to this creature, despite good or bad! That was hard, really hard!

The prep I had in my life was nothing compared to this reality check. I mean earlier, in worst scenarios, I had the option of switching to different rooms in the hostel or finding a new PG, but here I had no option. Whether I liked it or not, I had to deal with this new roommate and work for him tirelessly, for the rest of my life! That’s why I said, it was and is hard!

I learnt and unlearnt many valuable life lessons while growing up with my child. Yes, I would call it my “growing up” phase because a child has to grow. It’s quite natural. However, a mother’s growth is not always spoken about.  A mother is constantly growing emotionally with every age and stage of her child!

With the arrival of a child, a ‘conscious’ parent gets an opportunity to evolve, grow and improvise as a human being and not just as a mother. In short, a newbie mommy is in her “Neanderthal” age and stage of mommy hood, while our parents, with more than thirty years’ experience,  can now be labelled as complete “Homosapiens”, provided the latter assume that they have learnt it all!

Anyway, with my blog, I wish to chart my growth and progress as a mother, sharing snippets from my motherhood journey, which is endearing, yet crazy and mind boggling at times too!

The idea is to share how certain things worked for me, helped me in keeping my sanity in check, and helped to prevail peace in my household. And if in process, you benefit from my journey, than better two than one. After all, we are all “work-in-progress” (WIP) mothers! All we have to do is stay alert, observant and inclined to learn and progress!

Welcome aboard!





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